I’ve had the pleasure of being in the business since 2015 by doing ring crew, attending seminars, and eventually working at World Wrestling Entertainment in 2018.

Now I navigate life after WWE — my ultimate seven-year-old dream and goal accomplished.

Hey friend! Welcome to the Squared Circle Society! A Wrestling Substack Newsletter dedicated to analyzing wrestling through writing, video, and audio. We’ll explore wrestling matches and terms and more in wrestling.

Visit Tape Study Series to get an idea. Tape Study Series is a show I created to watch wrestling matches together with my community via Twitch and other livestreaming services. I’ve had success in giving live feedback to various indie wrestlers and veteran wrestlers. I now created a Tape Study section for the newsletter where we discuss hot topics, wrestler advice, and analyzing matches.

We’ll explore life after working for WWE.

I have a section called Road Stories where I write about extra things that aren’t in the vlogs or podcasts.

Please take a moment to listen to the Squared Circle Podcast and A Chit Chat Series. These are dedicated to review wrestling shows, giving behind-the-scenes access to my commentary work for promotions, and my interviews with wrestlers and wrestling personalities in the industry.

Who Have I Interviewed?

  • Clark Connors

  • Aaron Henare

  • Marie Valdomina

  • Amanda Monroe

  • Shotgun Adams

  • Jarrett Diaz

  • MLW Media Press

  • Robbie Eagles

  • Vinny Pacifico

  • Ray Jazz

Life after WWE has given me several opportunities. I’m now a commentary for Goddesses of War Wrestling. Goddesses of War Wrestling is an all women’s wrestling promotion. I also called matches at Invictus Pro Wrestling.

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I publish wrestling planners and journals.

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