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[Sub Only] Court Bauer MLW Battle Riot IV Media Scrum

Marie Shadows was invited to the MLW Battle Riot IV Media Scrum

Hey guys! Enjoy this exclusive Court Bauer MLW Battle Riot IV Media Scrum. This was so cool! And this is my first media scrum access. Thank you MLW for this opportunity.


  • Court has a wonderful team and that helps him stay focused on days that he may feel imposter syndrome.

  • MLW-WWE lawsuit

  • Talks with Scott D’Amore and IMPACT Wrestling allowed for the surprise entrant of Sami Callihan to join the Battle Riot IV.

  • Private talks with Parker Boudreaux lead him to debuting at Battle Riot IV as number 40.

  • Would love to do a super show with MLW partners such as Dragon Gate, Pro Wrestling Noah, AAA, and others.

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