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Aaron Henare: Forbidden Door opponent & wanting the NEVER Openweight Championship

Aaron Henare talks about humble beginnings, New Zealand proud, origins of Toa Henare, Will Ospreay brining him into the United Empire, Windy City Riot, Captial Collision, Ihop, ect.

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Welcome to the Squared Circle Podcast! I am Marie Shadows!

I got the chance to interview Aaron Henare from the United Empire. This was a fun interview!

Topics we discuss:

  1. Humble beginnings wrestling in New Zealand.

  2. Creating Warrior Wrestling Academy

  3. Training with Fale and Hikuleo

  4. What's in a name: Toa Henare

  5. My inability to roll my 'r' to say: Māori correctly.

  6. Countryside boy

  7. Very proud of New Zealanders are entering pro wrestling

  8. Who does Henare want to face at Forbidden Door?

  9. His ranking of the NJPW Championships

  10. Enjoyed Ihop

  11. Will Ospreay recruiting Aaron Henare into the United Empire

  12. Windy City Riot & Captial Collision

  13. York Hall Debut

  14. Wants to hold the NEVER Openweight Championship

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