Apr 21 • 34M

Lucha Libre in Wrestling: Komander Spot vs Undertaker Old School Spot

The discussion of Lucha Libre has hit the twitter streets and I traveled down a rabbit hole reading the replies. Here's my full take on this eye-roll of discussion.

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Marie Shadows
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Welcome to the Squared Circle Podcast! I am your host Marie Shadows! I talk about the difference between Komander Spot and Undertaker Old School spot. I talk about Lucha Libre and how the legends of Lucha Libre adapted to the American style, fuse it together to be great. It's a huge discussion. Thanks for listening.


I asked two questions:

  1. Is Lucha Libre Wrestling?

    1. yes

    2. no

    3. It’s a style of wrestling

  2. Did your perspective change on this topic? If no, why?

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